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Ways to put the zing…into the planning and decorations…

for a guy’s “big” birthday party!!

1 What suspense!
Send out the invites for the evening after the day the “surprise” party will happen
2 What humor!
Stuff, hang clothing from his childhood with blown up faces on each
3 How clever! 
Surround the party area with yard signs with “famous” and humorous photos of him and his friends
4 What fun!
Arrange photo and buttons of him during his 30 years…
5 How amusing!

Display a few of his childhood prized possessions for a centerpiece

6 Just joking!

Have his friends come up with expressions or nicknames for him over the years…make custom napkins at www.foryourparty.com

7 How tasty!

All the food from favorite recipes or restaurants of his...

8 What else…

Balloons…school colors and all 30, 35, or 40 of them!