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Barb & Carol in Greece
Barb & Carol skiing in Utah
Barb & Carol
Carol & Barb at Caroll on camels in Morocco
large rock is painted pink in honor of Barb's 60th birthday


Diva "Carol"

I grew up on a small dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota. My mother prepared a hearty cuisine of meat, potatoes and homemade bread.

After I married and had two children, I continued with the basics. My �creativity� was expressed through sewing, crafts, and through my career as an anesthetist...providing a safe environment for my patients.

Twelve years ago ,Chuck and I started a gourmet club with friends. The challenge of menus, food, wine and shared ideas was inspirational...taking simple to sensational with a little help from my friends!

Energized by the fun of this experience, we formed another group and with it came Barb and Dave. Barb never does anything halfway and she bumped up the fun and creativity.

The Divas were born!

I welcome you to the Diva Gourmet community.

Diva "Barb"

Through the years as an elementary school teacher and a divorced, single mom with two children, I created some “hobby businesses” along the way, to supplement my teaching salary.  “Birthday Parties by Barb” and “bwine handpainted” (sportswear) were the 80’s and 90’s versions of my life-long goal to create and be a business owner. 

About ten years ago I retired early from teaching, blended my little family with another, and met my dear friend Carol. I discovered immediately that she enjoys creativity, sharing ideas, planning parties, cooking, crafts and many of the things I love.  After many fun "happy hours" of brainstorming, we decided to embark on a journey to start up a web-based business. 

Thus, Diva Gourmet was launched…quite a milestone for us both in our “60th” year.

To paraphrase a Mark Twain quote..."To get the full value of a food experience you must have somebody to share it with".  Diva Gourmet has become the stage to share ideas with friends around the globe!