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Tips for Creating Scrumptious Stacks

four ladies in scrump hats, drinking mint juleps

stacks in their molds

stack on a plate

Buy your cylinder stacks or molds from www.surlatable.com/. Check out the Ateco stainless molds of various geometric shapes…I have tried square, pyramid, and round.

Make your own molds from soup or vegetable cans…wash, carefully remove both ends, strip off labels, dry thoroughly, and coat inside with olive oil spray before using.

Stacks can be made ahead of time, chilled, and served right from the frig.  Or if needed, they can be heated just before serving.  
The presentation is always surprising to your guests.  Either serve your stacks without the cylinder…or leave the mold on, and have your friends lift them off to reveal their culinary surprise!  Unmolding your stacks is simple, if you compress the layers before you chill or bake them.

Stacks can be appetizers, salads, main courses or desserts.  Remember you need a “soft” food to bind the layers together well.  Use your creativity and design your own stack combinations!
Try free-form stacks using tortillas, puff pastry shapes, phyllo dough…let your imagination go wild.
You will dazzle your kids with healthy stacks…and it’s a very adventurous way to include kids of all ages in cooking!
Always remember to use fresh, high quality ingredients.  This is one way we nurture those we love.