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The Divas' favorite places...

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La Dining Divas

This European-like, quaint and scenic town used to be second-rate to Montreal in the eating scene. But it's not all touristy, French bistros anymore. Just do a little research, walk around, ask the locals… and you'll find as many surprising, creative, and tasty restaurants as my daughter and me!
Explore! Yum!

For  breakfast:
Buffet De L Antiquaire, 95 Rue Saint Paul
The Little Piggy  www.cochondingue.com

For  lunch or happy hour:
Cafe Artifact www.saint-antoine.com
Restaurant 1640  Rue Sainte-Anne

For a snack:
La Piazzetta  Av Cartier

For dinner or small plates:
Panache www.saint-antoine.com
Toast www.restauranttoast.com

For brew pub fun:
La Barberie  www.labarberie.com
Bar L’Inox    www.inox.qc.ca

This is just a start…