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Dolci...Baby chocolate and coffee truffles
11 oz bittersweet chocolate
heavy cream
unsweetened cocoa powder
1 shot espresso (brewed strong with less water than usual)
7/8 c sweetened cocoa powder

Melt the chunks of chocolate.  Add a little cream to the unsweetened cocoa to make a paste and then slowly thin the paste by adding the rest of the cream.  Mix continuously with a whisk.  Add this cocoa cream to the melted chocolate and blend.  Let the mixture cool in the refrigerator until cold.

Beat the espresso into the mixture, keeping it cold by using an ice water bath.  When well blended, dust your hands with sweet cocoa powder and form into small balls.  Keep your hands dusted the entire time. Place in small individual confectioner’s cups.

Makes 24 little truffles…Simply Tuscan by Pino Luongo