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Love to cook?

Enjoy creating menus?

Host dinner parties in your home?

Entertain friends who appreciate
good food and wine?

Form a
gourmet club with your
  • Call it:
    Gourmet Dinner Club…
    A Food and Wine Club
    Come up with a catchy name...
    It’s about sharing a passion for cooking, eating, and having fun together!

  • Be adventurous.
    Experiment with cuisines from places you’ve traveled or destinations in the world you hope to visit. 
    Base your evening on a theme or an activity and go from there.  
    Be creative in the planning…how about a new trend in cooking or a menu from the 60’s?

  • The “host house” can be responsible for planning the menu, providing the main entree, and assigning the rest of the courses (salad, appetizer, vegetable, dessert) to the other “group” members.
    OR…plan/cook the entire meal at the host house
    OR…prepare/cook the entire menu with the group

  • Other organizational details include: 
    • Dates…(once a month, every other month, quarterly, twice a year)
    • The number of members or couples to include
    • Sensitivity to any food allergies of individuals involved

  • After you have had a few dinners…you will begin to think about table settings, music, house decorations, and sometimes even attire.
Our group is going strong after 10 years!
Share insights from your group...