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reiss's margaritas

Raised in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, Mary is one of seven children. An Irish lass with a sprinkling of sass, and an ever ready smile!
Raising her son kept her busy with Benilde High School hockey and volunteer work. Never one to be afraid of a new project and hard work, she started the first “Treasure Hunt” fundraiser at Benilde. It is still a popular event and money maker for the school, ten years later.

A computer career has led Mary on a variety of professional paths. A love of genealogy, check out her website www.mwancestor.com, she is fond of anything historical. Oh, we cannot forget the lilies! Her spouse, has over 600 varieties of lilies in their gardens. They conduct tours and provide valuable hybridizing information for the North Star Lily Society.

Mary's margarita recipe is from a former restaurant, Reiss's Restaurant, in a building whose history can be traced back to 1892. We knew Mary's favorite concoction would come with a past...when can I sip one in your garden, Mary?

reiss's margaritas
If you can't find gimlet mix, substitute lime juice - use about half as much lime juice and add more sweet & sour mix
  1. tequila
  2. triple sec
  3. sweet & sour mix (bottled)
  4. gimlet mix (bottled)
  5. lime slices
  6. margarita salt

Use lime slice to moisten the rims of margarita or wine glasses. Dip rims in salt.

Pour equal parts tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and gimlet mix into blender jar. For frozen margaritas, add 10 - 15 ice cubes. Blend.

Serve on the rocks or frozen. Garnish with a slice of lime.