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Inexpensive, fun gifts… when boomers’ kids buy their first home!
A Housewarming party!

Meet the happy couple at their new home…actually, soon after they open the door and the house is theirs!

Prepare a picnic dinner with a family favoriteRed Cabbage Salad with Grilled Chicken.  Don’t forget flowers, all paper products, and of course, champagne to toast the new home owners!

Set up the picnic on the floor or on the counter in the kitchen.

Celebrate each area in the house…with a small wrapped gift that is useful or personal for each room/area… For the garage, a rake…the yard, a hose…the front porch, a Go Blue! doormat…the bathroom, hand towels…the kitchen, a cookbook and a Go Blue! cookie cutter…the bedroom, a framed family photo…

the dining room…wine and cocktail napkins...the living room, a Michigan Football Santa for the mantle at Christmas...hmmmmmmmm...is there a theme here?!
Tee hee! Oh, the basement...hedge balls to keep away the spiders! Have fun coming up with useful, must-have gifts!