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Top Ten "All Around Favorite"
Rubs and Seasonings!

10)  Tulocay’s Poultry Rub
Made in Napa Valley
Add a little oil for a rub
Peppercorns and sea salt included
Jazz up pastas, soups and salads, too

9)    Lawry’s Seasoning
Use this as a rub on grilled lamb chops!

8)    The Salt Lick Dry Rub for BBQ and Grill
It’s a sentimental favorite, since my stepdaughter is from Austin, Texas…
The food at her wedding reception was catered from the Salt Lick...great food!
Great on any meats and poultry
Try their others sauces, marinades and seasonings

7)    McCormick’s Hot Shot!
A blend of black and red pepper
When you just want that extra kick!

6)    Citrus Rosemary Gray Salt
Rich with orange and lemon flavor
This is my favorite for chickens on a throne…
Another gift idea from:    

5)    Lemon Pepper
A seasoning salt by McCormick
I mix this seasoning with flour and dredge chicken or fish (tilapia)
Sauté in a bit of EVOO and butter, YUM!

4)    Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning
“Use it anytime, anywhere, on any type of food”
My personal favorite is corn on the cob…wow!

3)    Garlic Herb
A seasoning blend made by McCormick
No added salt
I love this seasoning on chicken and in soups
I buy three bottles at a time!

2)    Gray Salt
Naturally harvested in Brittany
Better for your cooking and health…
Moist with a chunky texture
I give this seasoning as a gift from:  

The number 1 seasoning that every diva should have in their kitchen is:
Sea Salt
Plain or seasoned...
Adds more flavor than regular salt!
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