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Dining Divas

After a recent trip to Austin (city of 10,000 dogs) for an Eskimo kiss with my new grand babyÖ I rediscovered some wonderful restaurants.
Instead of reviewing each oneÖIím going to share their websites and tell you that if you visit any of them you canít go wrong. Each one was unique; and, equally as tasty as the last. Drive to the hill country, visit some on Congress Ave. and try others downtown.

Breakfast brunch at...  
Jo’s  www.joscoffee.com
The Clay Pit www.claypit.com

Lunch at:
Garridos  www.garridosaustin.com
Guerros Taco Bar www.guerostacobar.com

Dinner at:
The Salt Lick BBQ Restaurant www.saltlickbbq.com
Enoteca www.austinvespaio.com

Dessert at:
Yummy Yo Frozen Yogurt www.myyummyyo.com