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Diva Cooking
Menu for eight

a perfect kiss

Diva Cooking (unashamedly glamorous party food) is a cookbook by Joyce and Blashford-Snell.  This party book was the inspiration for a fabulous dinner party.  The recipes are unusual, quite simple to prepare, and delicious.

I used a variety of recipes from this book to produce a menu for several gourmet groups.  The recipes have serving and cooking tips to help make your menu successful

Even divas need helpful kitchen dos and don’ts.

  • Buy inexpensive white napkins. Stencil or iron-on (transfer) a perfect red "kiss" on a corner.
  • Print the menu and recipes in a cookbook format, on a site www.shutterfly.com. Include pictures of the divas in your group...a memorable invitation.
  • Imagine the table...scattered rose petals and candles, their light reflected in the crystal.

Carta di Vino


2006 Malvira Roero Arnneis 'Cru Trinita'
A delicate bouquet with a hint of vanilla. Six months in wood.
A perfect match for asparagus, which is a difficult pairing.
A match for chicken, pasta, and salads. 5 year shelf life.
Price range is $19.99-$24.99

2006 Marco Felluga Molamatta
Collio (di Gorizia)
Peachy, apricot, touch of honey with mineral steeliness. High acidity makes this white wine good for sipping, moreover a good food wine. Unoaked.
Pair with fish or sushi. 5 year shelf life. Wine Spectator rating of 91.
Price range is $18.99-23.99


2006 Enzo Boglietti Barbera d'Alba
Sour black cherry.
High acidity with low tannins.
Finished in large oak barrels.
Pair with risotto, mushrooms or truffles.
Price range is $18.99-23.99

2003 Fattoria di Felsina Chianto Classico Riserva
Wine is made exclusively for the North American market.
Classic chianti structure. High acidity with lean fruit component.
Pairs well with spicy tomato sauces. 100% sangiovese.
Price range is $18.99-23.99

2003 Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva
An east coast Italian wine with fullness and roundness. Pair with assertive dishes as osso bucco and grilled meats. Wine Spectator assigned a rating of 87 points. For the price point...buy a case!
Price range is $12.99-15.99

2004 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco
A hint of rose water in the nose. Decant and let the wine open. This wine pairs well with hard cheeses, egg pasta, truffles, and red meats. A fine food wine. Wine Spectator rating of 90.
Price range is $28.99-$35.99

No wine is
italian wine favorites
We live in a neighborhood that has a very well stocked wine shop. The knowledgeable staff is always eager to share new finds, so they started a wine club. It is a very active club with tastings about once a month. The Italian wine specialist, John, introduced the group to a few of his many favorites. His advice...ENJOY!