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For Jack Bauer enthusiasts…
Anyone who just wants cooking tips
for each hour of your day!
8:00- 9:00am Have fun in your kitchen…that’s the most important part!
9:00- 10:00am Your food will only taste as good as your ingredients!
10:00- 11:00am If you have a “bad taste memory” about a certain food, you owe it to yourself to try it again!
11:00- 12 noon Only keep spices for a year…save the jars, buy spices in bulk and reuse the jars.
12:00- 1:00pm Don’t leave vegetables too long in water…they lose some of their flavor by absorbing too much water.
1:00- 2:00pm Produce is a personal thing…stand back in the produce department and watch what’s happening.
2:00- 3:00pm You don’t cry if your knife is very sharp.
3:00- 4:00pm Change a favorite beef stew recipe and use either pork or lamb.
4:00- 5:00pm If you don’t want to drink the wine…don’t cook with it!
5:00-  6:00pm If you want to cut the hot in a recipe…add sour cream…flush out hot with dairy, not water…even in your eyes.
6:00- 7:00pm A feisty cuisine speaks to the entire palette.
7:00- 8:00pm Add turnips and parsnips to mashed potatoes… you’ll fool the kids and have more veggies in their diet…you’ll probably fool your husband, too!
8:00- 9:00pm Try using some Prosecco in salad dressing.
9:00- 10:00pm If you are slicing pears for a salad or dessert, peel them first and then sprinkle them lightly with lemon juice to keep them looking fresh.
10:00- 11:00pm There are taste differences in chili powders…taste them before you use them.
11:00-  12 midnight Life is too short to eat boring food.
12:00- 1:00am Choose smooth skinned fruits(lemons and limes)over rougher ones when you need juice.  They are easier to squeeze.
1:00- 2:00am Daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, olive oil and dairy products is important in the Mediterranean diet.
2:00- 3:00am Be inspired by international cuisines that are known for their fresh, healthy food…Indian, Asian, Latin and Mediterranean.
3:00- 4:00am As you cook, think about creating a “party in your mouth”!
4:00- 5:00am Poblano peppers are not hot…great taste…roast them, stuff them…
5:00- 6:00am Put tomatoes in boiling water for 10 seconds…then remove skins.
6:00- 7:00am When you eat, taste the different textures in your mouth.
7:00- 8:00am Now, celebrate your Inner Diva!