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Being a single–mom and teaching full-time, it was imperative to find tasty, easy, and reasonably priced meals.  One of our favorites on “Creekside Drive” (the street where my kids grew up) was Feta Chicken.  It became so popular that we served it the weekend we had friends and family over to help us paint the outside of our home.  Everyone loves this recipe!  It’s one of my kids’ favorites even as they both are approaching the age of 30.

first things first

This recipe originally came from a small village in northeastern Greece.  Use good Feta and juicy tomatoes.  (I use canned tomatoes with their juices.)  I found this recipe in my favorite cooking periodical from the 80’s…The Pleasures of Cooking.  This recipe lives up to that name.  You’ll make this dish more than once a year.  Serve over pasta, rice…whatever is your pleasure. 


I have cooked this over the stove in a large skillet; and also, in a slow-cooker when skiing all day.  Perfect cozy, comfort food!

“the best” chicken recipe
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chicken with feta cheese
chicken pieces
3 T olive oil
4 medium onions
17-oz can plum tomatoes or 1 � lbs fresh tomatoes
2 cloves garlic, minced
� t dried oregano
� t salt
freshly ground black pepper
� lb feta cheese

• Heat oil and brown chicken
• Transfer the chicken to a plate and brown the onions until slightly caramelized
• Combine tomatoes with the onions followed by the garlic and oregano.  Add the chicken, salt and pepper.
• Cover and simmer for 30 minutes over medium-low heat.
• Cut the feta into very thin slices, cover the chicken with feta slices and continue cooking for 15 more minutes. 


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