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Carol and Barb


Martini...mash potato bar in a martini glass
What a unique, fun party this would be!
Jazz up a favorite comfort food!
Here are some variations!
  • Mash some different potato recipes. Set up a bar of condiments.
    Guests customize their own.
  • Serve 3 different types of mashed potatoes adorned with certain toppings.
    Name the martinis!
  • Pass around ready to eat mash potato martinis with plastic spoons on the side.
    Guests can try one bite and throw away the spoon!
  • Create different types:
    a classic one with cheddar, chives and bacon pieces as toppings...
    a southwestern type with any of the following condiments: green chilies, cilantro, green onions, pine nuts, tomatoes, jack cheese, black beans and sour cream...

I first saw this idea in November 2002, in...where else?
The Oprah Magazine...O...under the heading,
"What a Swell Party This Is"...

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