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does the mom-to-be know the dad-to-be...

question and answer
Two weeks before the shower, I emailed the “dad to be”:

”Hi Franco! Confidential! For Beth's shower on Saturday, March 29th, I came up with an activity and it involves your help! Basically, I've got a series of questions, I'd like you to answer before the shower. At the shower, we'll ask Beth to answer them as well, and also guess what you might have said.
Anyhow, here's what I came up with -- attached.
Thanks in advance!
Brief answers are fine, but please don't mention this to Beth!”

questions for the baby shower
It was so fun to hear Beth’s thoughts and also watch her guess how Franco answered the questions.

click here for a sample of the questions we asked…

Name that baby!

name that baby! photo album

The next activity could be on individual cards or up on poster board.  You need to have each guest bring a baby or toddler photo of them.  Everyone tried to match the baby shots to the guest.  What seemed like a relatively easy game…turned out to be harder than it looked!  Four photos were on the front and four on the back.  Diva Carol won the game!r!


Fun, Personal, Baby Shower Activities
create personalized gifts for someone special!


  • To personalize a friend’s 50th, 60th or a “big birthday”…take a well-known song or jingle and play with the words.  Because Carol is having a bit of a problem with her 60th birthday…instead of an “aging” song like the one we mentioned in our “birthday party ideas”…this one focuses on Carol, her likes and interests! 

    Wow...this is much easier to take! Here it is!


Les-sons with Koe-ny, horse shows and blue rib-bons
Mini Coop, the Ves-pa, Voyager Vill-age, The Ca-bin
Long walks with Za-ney and train-in’  Lil’ Sherm
These are a few of Carol’s fa-vor-ite things!

TRANSITION CHORDS HERE (oom pah pah, oom pah pah)

Nurs-ing Home Cruis-es, with Doc-tor Pa-jah-mah
Side-cars, Pro-sec-co, Bloody Mar-ys with Foot-ball
Bumps at Deer Val-ley… Pow’-der at  Al-ta
These are a few of her fa-vor-ite things.
TRANSITION CHORDS HERE (oom pah pah, oom pah pah)

P.C. Ski Col-lege, board meet-ings at A-dolphs
‘Di-va  Gour-met’, of course res-taur-ant hop-ping
F-A-C meet-ings, the Care Pack-age ‘Moms’
These are a few of her fa-vor-ite things!

When her wrists ache!
When her knees creak!   (pause)
When she’s feel-ing  SIXTY!

She’ll sim-ply re-mem-ber her fa-vor-ite things
And then she won’t feeeel,  soooo  Ooooold!

Happy 60th Birthday CJ!!    
  • When my daughter turned 21, it was a big day for me as well as for her.  21 days before her birthday, I sent her a small package or card each day.  On her actual birthday I made a poster with 21 ten dollar bills on it from her grandmother.  Lastly, I made her an album with 21 different photos of her growing up, along with 21 nicknames our family has for her over the years! 

Try these ideas when your child turns 21, 25 or the “big” 30…

  • One of our Featured Divas, Dana, has a younger sister who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.   She started a great gift for her kids the year after their birth.  Every year on each of her boy’s birthdays, she videos them for approximately five minutes and they tell the camera something memorable about the past year.  Can you imagine watching this at your son or daughter graduation party? !  Do you think she will keep doing this as they enter college?!  What a wonderful photographic essay she has created for her children and her grandchildren…WOW!

  • On my 60th birthday party…I was surprised with personalized labels for the bottled water…and different photos of myself through the years attached underneath the clear plastic plates.  For a personalized menu…they had made a packet of my favorite recipes and had prepared all my “favorites” for dinner!  What fun!
  barb's photo under a clear plastic plate recipe book