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name that "tini" contest
A great idea for a party or wedding!

Start off with an email to your friends or family that will participate.  Here’s the one we used:

Dear All,
Nick and Lindsey have a special request of each of you before the big day.
We are having a contest that taps into the immense creativity of both families.  They would like your assistance in suggesting ideas to name their celebratory signature martini.
Here’s all they’re asking you to do:

  1. Submit your list of drink names to me before May first.
  2. Collaboration and ideas from any resource are encouraged.
  3. All entries will be submitted to Nick and Lindsey without author recognition.
  4. The winning selection will be honored with a toast at the rehearsal dinner.
  5. At least one submission per family member, please!
cookies in the shape of wine bottles
martini fountain in the shape of a luge

At the rehearsal dinner we were all reassured that our entries had been stored in an unencrypted file on my computer.  As many of you have expected, the contest brought forth a variety of innovative and or unusual suggested “tini” names such as:

  • “Room Service, Please!  tini
  • The “Digi tini”  (Nick is an Electrical Engineer)
  • “No-wine” is Watching tini  (Nick’s last name is Wine)
  • The “Go Blue”  tini

After a very challenging selection process by the bride and groom to be, the winner was” The Wine and Only” tini.  They had a martini luge at their reception with this name etched in the ice. 

The process was the fun part and included all the families in this important celebration!

Getting to know the couple-to-be better!
Here are two easy trivia games!
Nicksey's true/false trivia the Andressa trivia game
True/False Multiple Choice


Find out some little well-known facts about the couple and the bride and groom separately, from the bride and groom’s parents. Have a go at either format. If you and your friends are hosting many showers, play the true/false at one shower and multiple choice at the next. It’s a quick and easy game, involves everyone at the party…and when the guests leave, they will feel like they know the couple much better!