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and they're off...                 A Derby Party                               
A Spring Affair

Planning a Kentucky Derby party is a great way to welcome spring, especially if it has been winter forever. Festive hats, mint juleps, good friends, a tasty menu and a fast track make Derby Day a day to remember!

four ladies in derby hats, drinking mint juleps

The Derby party can include activities that add to the energy:
1. Have an area set up with ribbon, netting ,& silk flowers to decorate hats
2. Betting
3. Print words to “My Old Kentucky Home”
4. Race trivia
5. Horse shoe throwing


invitation to derby party derby wine bottleDERBY DECOR

The supply of Derby specialties www.thederbystore.com is endless. I loved the official mint julep glasses, which are inexpensive, and great gifts for friends to take home. There are the official notecards that can be personalized and used as invitations.

Whites of Spring

As the weather warms and the days grow longer, everything seems to gain a new freshness. Celebrate the return of outdoor living and entertaining with wines that accentuate the fresh tastes and scents of spring.

pinot grigio
Pairs well with seafood, light pastas and cheese/cracker appetizers.
This white is fairly acidic, so avoid pairing with citrus or tomato based recipes.

sauvignon blanc
Tends to be a complex, crisp and full bodied wine. The acidity makes sauvignon blanc a very food friendly wine. Serve with full flavored cheeses, Thai cuisine, fish, poultry, herbed cream sauces and salads (caesar or Greek).

A unique and spicy wine. The food pairing depends on the acidity. The dry Gewurztraminer has higher acidity and alcohol content. The dry style pairs well with ethnic foods that are richly spiced and fatty meats and fish.
The off dry or sweeter Gewurztraminer is lovely well chilled and served as dessert.

vinho verde

A light citrusy and slightly “frizzy” wine from Portugal. Name is derived from the slight green coloring of the wine. Vinho verde is bottled young from stainless steel tanks without touching oak. Pairs well with seafood or just sipping.


You will notice that chardonnay is not included in the “Whites of Spring”. I feel because of its heaviness that it tends to be more of a winter type wine.

“Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot”
no wine is watching
The beauty of these white wines is that very good quality can be found for under $10.00 a bottle. They are all bright, cheery and will add a bit of sunshine to any occasion.