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The Nearly Newlywed Game….what else!

Many of you remember such TV hits as The Dating Game and The Gong Show.  Perhaps the best known of all of the hit series created by Chuck Barris is the Newlywed Game.  It debuted on ABC in 1966.  Newly married couples answered questions to find out how well they knew each other.  The show became famous for some of the arguments that couples had over incorrect answers.  So, we made up the “Nearly, Newlywed Game” or a “Newlywed Lite” version.   Use the music from the TV show, get a “funny” friend to play the host, choose 3 couples as the contestants, and you’re ready for a great time. 

questions for the women questions for the men
  • Introduce the nearly newlyweds and the other two couple contestants, mention how long they have been married. Escort the men out of the room to a “soundproof” area.
  • While they are out of earshot, each of the women will write out the answers to a series of 8 questions.
  • The men return and will be asked to answer the same questions, one at a time.
  • Their answers will be compared to the women’s answers. Samples of the questions are shown. You have unlimited possibilities!

Put your contestants’ minds at ease…share with them a couple funny examples from the television show:  “In what country will your husband say the last foreign car he drove was manufactured?”  The answer was “Texas”.  Or “Who is your husband’s favorite anchorman?”  Answer:  “Elvis”.

  • Escort the women out of the room and the same procedure is followed with the men. 
  • Keep score…give the official results…and APPLAUSE!!