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Carol and Barb

Your husband may put you

on a pedestal...

But please try your chicken

on a throne!


On this gourmet club evening we tried a new trend…
vertical food and cooking! 

The main course included 3 chicken recipes vertically cooked.  One was rubbed and cooked on a beer throne in the oven, another was marinated under the skin and grilled, and the third had a special seasoning and olive oil with vegetables cooked in the ovenall delicious in their own way!

The salad we served was a personal favorite of mine:

This is one of many wonderful recipes in ”Stacks The Art of Vertical Food” by Deborah Fabricant.  Here’s another stack I make often. 

Stacks are beautiful to serve and a conversation piece. 

See Diva Tip…for more ideas!

carving the chicken grilling chicken
carving two chickens at once

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