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Authentic and Fresh Indian

Myth---Indian food means high in fat and calories.
Our truth--Begin with a traditional recipe, and create a light and healthy Indian fare.  Substitute and reduce ghee (clarified butter) for less olive oil, use low-fat dairy products and skinless meats, and replace large quantities of salt with the variety of spices.

Indian flavor comes from the combination of spices and herbs. Garam masala is a spice from Northern India.  Other spices commonly used are cardamom, cumin, coriander, curry, mustard seeds, and turmeric. Wet spices include:  garlic, ginger, onion or chilies.  Customary herbs added:  cilantro and bay leaves.

Indian curries are made by slowly cooking the onions, garlic, and ginger in oil and adding the spices and herbs.  This creates a special texture and the  release of a wonderful aroma.
Sharing food with family and friends is the Indian
way of life.

Experiment and make these recipes YOURS!

Rogan Josh…or Chicken Josh
From Lindsey, our contributing editor…she changed up this genuine Indian recipe and made it her own

Baked Salmon with Indian-Spiced Yogurt Topping
Serve with brown rice, dip naan bread in the topping

Chicken Braised in Almond-Coriander Sauce
From "Pleasures in Cooking". Serve with rice or pocket bread…

Beef in Spicy Cumin-Tomato Gravy
From "Pleasures in Cooking". Stew from northern India…serve with rice, substitute chicken

Spinach, red pepper, and chickpea bhaji
Very simple vegetable dish…the chickpeas provide the protein



Culinary Cocktails
2011 Trend

The National Restaurant Association surveys found that culinary cocktails and artisan liquor rank in the top twenty for 2011 food and drink trends. Anything goes...connecting the garden and kitchen with the mixologist. Infused spirits and syrups, fresh herbs and fruit, sweet and savory.

Personally designed culinary cocktails will make your event special and memorable. Cocktails can be inspired by the season using fresh, local grown ingredients.

An easy way to perk up a classic gin and tonic...use a spiced, citrus infused gin.

Lemon + Sage Gin Infusion

• fresh lemon twist
• sage leaves
• gin
Soak the lemon twists and sage leaves in the bottled gin.
The intensity is determined by the length of time the ingredients are soaked in the gin.
Recipe by Michelle Tham

“wine a little, laugh a lot”
no wine is watching

"The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind"
Humphrey Bogart
photo of a cocktail