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This is it…this is it…this reflects our enthusiasm for having you in our home, at last!
Niente Sorpresa, Ma Tante Scopterto…
Nothing surprising, but so much to discover…

Autumn Italian Feast

Saturday, November 20th at 7:00pm
Barb and Dave’s

Here’s to savory food, pleasurable wine, gourmet rituals, and
lasting friendships!

Buon appetito!!!

Autumn Italian Feast was our first dinner for our gourmet club. Love to travel to Italy, and it's one of our favorite cuisines. I spent quite a bit of time choosing the recipes, trying them out, and agonizing over the table setting. This is fun, but not as important as the food, especially if you are short on time. For your dinner, you do not need all these courses.

Find these outstanding recipes in the following cookbooks:

Enoteca, …Simple, Delicious Recipes in the Italian Wine Bar Tradition…by Joyce Goldstein
Insalate: Authentic Italian Salad for All Seasons by Susan Simon
Simply Tuscan by Pino Luongo
Gotham Bar and Grill by Alfred Portale

table with place settings place setting place setting
Holiday Sparkle

Cava wines are some of my favorites.

They are very much like French champagnes at a fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, most of them are produced by the same method, methode champenois, with slightly different grapes. 99% of cava produced in Spain comes from the French bordering area of Catalonia in the far northeastern part of the country. The grapes traditionally used to make cava are macabeo, xarello and parellada.

These make cava a very light, white, fruity, perfumed wine that is supremely drinkable on its own or accompanying lighter dishes.

One of the most popular sparkling wines in the US, Freixenet, is actually a Spanish cava. It accounts for over 60% of cava sold in this country. This wine is highly recommended. I haven't had a bad one yet.

“wine a little, laugh a lot”
no wine is watching
Sparkling Cava sets the stage for a festive holiday! Bubbly is always the life of the party...